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, halfway between western maryland and baltimore. and hagerstown look at this fall apart. i said we would be hard-pressed to get this pushing past. but it doesn't lock like it will reach baltimore. we get a little breeze out of this thing. looks like montgomery county has showers left over there. but we have a look maybe tawnytown westminster to get what is left over the showers as we head through the next hour, hour and a half and go to 87 more storms expected for the rest of us this afternoon. tonya, how about the traffic. >> reporter: we are doing okay. sun is starting to come up over the beltway. we have one incident but first let's take a look at 695 at providence to see how things are doing. that's the outer loop to the left of the screen. with a little heavier traffic, but no major problems to report here. we have an accident at the eastbound involving a tractor trailer. traffic gets by to the left and we have a new accident that is on the outer loop at frederick road. that is on the right shoulder. the delays will be at the baltimore national pike. >>> thanks a lot. news time 5:31
day cut short for these baltimore county students. they're building is one of many without an air-conditioning unit. teachers have been trying to make do in the heat. >> we all know it is hot, but we are tough. we are going to push ahead. we have too much to do and not enough to do it. >> we have learned that 50% of the schools in baltimore county have air-conditioning. the same could be said for baltimore city. howard county officials tell us every school is equipped with a working air-conditioner. baltimore county school say new units for hospitals are on the drawing board. >> we have a long way to go. we are taking steps now. new construction will have air conditioning with it. >> that is pretty much the same story for baltimore city. the hot temperatures also forced schools to close early. finding a cool room may depend on what class you are taking. >> some rooms are really hot. >> it will take time and money to add new cool schools to the list. >> you cannot put window units in every school. your electricity bill would go through the roof. we want to make sure we are conservi
baltimore city and baltimore county. one was from howard county. the president's address on our website at yanasen mulaku was questioned last week after being found near the pentagon with a backpack. there were two shootings near the marine corps base in northern virginia and another at a marine recruiting station. he has not been charged with the shooting. he will be in court tomorrow for a string of car break-ins in leesburg, va. the police officer who was thrown off the kfx yesterday it is in stable condition. -- off the jfx. baltimore police officials say that the cruiser struck the officer, propelling her 20 feet off the of the jfx. she will need facial reconstruction surgery. >> she has an incredibly long road ahead of her. it is unclear how long she will be in the hospital. it is unclear what this all will entail. please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. >> investigators are working to reconstruct the crash scene could call house already been ruled out as a factor. -- reconstruct the crash scene. alcohol has already been ruled out as a factor. a rare summer heari
96 in downtown baltimore. 99 degrees officially at the airport, breaking the old record of 97. the only spot in the state with any sense of cooler weather is way out was in baltimore. 106 is the current heat index in downtown baltimore, and that is why the heat advisory goes and sell it o'clock tonight. let's go outside. i am sure the pool behind you will be one of the most popular places and also -- all of baltimore. >> it looks so good. i am about ready to jump in it is so hot out here. it looks like the folks are having a great time. the pool is open as a special request by the mayor. the hardest -- paterson car pool open tomorrow from 3:00 to eight o 8:00. >> these utility workers spend all day outside from 7:00 until 5:00, no matter how heart -- caught it gets. >> you roll with the punches. you have to do it. that is how you make a living. to go when it is hot like this, they try to periodically take 5 to 10 minute breaks to sit in air-conditioned truck to avoid overheating. they have each come up with ways to deal with the blazing sun. >> we drank a lot of water. sometim
did this really took something from me. >> baltimore police discovered the bodies inside an apartment at the welcome inn. baltimore city police relocated her there as a witness in an upcoming city trial. police had no idea she was at the location until they were asked to check on her. >> it is ungodly. it is pure evil. it is an act of passion. >> neighbors are trying to cope with the death. one woman said baseball memorial. >> it is horrible. for somebody to just do it -- i don't understand how they could. >> it is a tragic and a scary happen so close to me. it's tragic. i just talked to her the other day. she gave me a compliment on my hat. >> 2-year-old daughter was with other family members when the mother and sister died. detectives were back at the location tuesday, searching for more clues and hoping to find answers in what they suspected the the murders of a young woman and her little daughter. >> to say she is gone like that -- i am shocked. i don't understand who could possibly do this to an innocent 25-year-old and a four year-old child and an unborn baby. that's just wrong.
of your surroundings. baltimore city police need your help in finding a missing boy. he was last seen last evening riding his bike. if you have seen him or know where he may be, you are urged to contact baltimore city police. >> the families of two teenaged girls are in morning to night. a 16 and 17-year-old were both killed in a hit-and-run last evening. their families seek closer. we are live at the scene in west baltimore. >> within the past couple of minutes, a person from the public has set up to crosses at the intersection. police say it was around 11:00 last night when they crossed the road over more mr. king am struck by a lincoln sedan. the sedan sped away and the two girls were left in the road for dead. moments later, they passed away. they had been best of friends and elementary school. their friends and family described them as good kids and students. two girls that would look out for each other and those closest to them. monday night, they were killed by a hit-and-run driver. >> i got a phone call from my little cousin. she told me that they get are by -- that they were hit b
baltimore after today's conference. we will talk about what the mayors did today and we will talk about what stephanie rawlings-blake had to say. >> the u.s. conference of mayors highlighted the end of their four-day conference with a key vote, a resolution calling for the president and congress to speed up the end of the wars in iraq and direct those funds to programs here in the u.s. >> the best way to honor and support those trips is to give them a job when they come back home. >> stephanie rawlings-blake received a standing ovation from the nation's mayors. she said she looks for to strengthening ties with her colleagues from other cities. >> i appreciate their interest in collaborating on ideas about historic preservation, transportation and infrastructure, water and wastewater infrastructure projects. >> the mayor sat on a panel with marietta english and ceo alonzo. the compensation package last year taipei increases to student performance. >> they are trying to increase enrollment and the application for new teachers. many people are trying -- are trying, but baltimore has been succes
. there is some cloud cover east of baltimore. humidity will be going down. this will be a nice wednesday. partly cloudy skies at the airport, 71 degrees. humidity is 90%. the wind has shifted to the west. we had a cold front go through a few hours ago. mostly sunny with a high temperature around 86 degrees. we will check the seven-day forecast and let you know about the first tropical storm of the season. let's check in with sarah. >> good morning. we have reports of a new problem northbound 95. there's a vehicle fire. delays are forming. inner loop approaching philadelphia road, another vehicle fire. northbound on the j.f.x. approaching cold spring, an accident coming into us. no southbound delays. york road, another spot where there could be some delays because of fire department activity. 11 minutes on the outer loop north the side. 10 minutes to travel southbound on 95 down to 32. this is greenspring. still in great shape over towards the j.f.x. some delays starting to fall into place. nothing significant in the northbound direction. you may start to tapping the brakes. that is the latest on
in the city to tell you about. it's going to be in baltimore city bank street at quintin street bank street at quintin. be aware of that. water main work going on in pikesville. that continues reisterstown road southbound at sudbrook lane. >>> a minute after 6. police found the car but no signs of rodney goggins. the 20-year-old fire recruit has been missing since sunday and his family is worried this morning. linda so joins us with the latest details on this case. linda. >> reporter: well, his family says this is not like rodney at all. just to disappear like he has and not return any phone calls. rodney goggins was reported missing tuesday when he didn't show up for training at the city fire academych the 20-year- old last spoke with his mom sunday night. police say he left his randalls town home and headed to kenwood to visit a friend but never made it back. yesterday, police found his buick near the baltimore carroll county line and started toer is n liberty reservoir. they will resume the search in the area where his car was found. goggins has several distinct tattoos. if you have any
the body of missing baltimore city fire cadet who disappeared three weeks ago. we are live downtown at city fire department headquarters with the late breaking details. >> this is obviously a devastated fire department tonight. and we are told rodney's relatives are too distraught right now to talk to us on camera about the promising firefighter whose death is still a misstery. the body found in a liberty reservoir sunday afternoon, a boater spotted his fully dressed body next to the shore, floating in a foot of water. >> based on characteristics and information provided by family members initially in the report to the baltimore county police, detectives made that identification. >> authorities would not comment on whether there were signs of trauma. the state medical examiner will do an autopsy to determine what killed the aspiring firefighter. >> i am just relieved that we know where he is, and i know that his family is very believing in god, and at this point in time, that will help his family and the fire department, and his friends get through this process. >> just 20 years old, he had
at 5:00 is a baltimore county man who ran a swim club and child care facility who now faces child pornography charges. >> it is a local, family- operated business. lowell melser is live at police headquarters with more details on the rest. >> ira rigger jr or "fred"was practically an icon in the cockeysville committee. he was around children all the time in the summer. he has submitted to police that over the past five years, he down loaded and viewed child pornography on his laptop computers. there's no doubt for many in the community that the arrest comes as a complete shock. the investigation began in january after receiving a tip. detectives were able to determine that child pornography was being downloaded and distributed from an ip address owned by rigger. >> there were numerous images of children engaging in sexual activity with adults and other children. there were also photographs and still images of nude pre pubescent children. >> warrants were served on his home where computers with a large amount of images and videos were seized. he first denied knowing about the child
hhrt.......(7:11)this is an act of passion ppegnant 3 year old daughter..... but -3 baltimore city police confirm that averyywas alls a witness -3 in an upcomiig trial and had &pbeee relocated. anddcoonty pooicc began investigating this as a homicide......right away.....(:338the victim did haveeinjuries thht would make it intt suspicious case for us...karen paakssfox 45 neww at ten..... 3 at last word.....police are still waiting ffo utopsy for inffrmation leading to an arrest...if you have any informationnyou are asked to call baltimore county police. 3 the man shht in northeast baltimore this affernoon haa died. happened aboutt3 o'clock .. at erddan and ravenwood avenues. - 3 a deliveey truck driverrwas shottduring a robbery....e was takennto the hospital..... where he diee. 3 "the viitim was in the prcess of making a elivery when he suspect. 3 "hundrrds of people inside daylightttaking a life for notting." nnthing." 3&pthis man is being held without bail toniiht......he's accused 19-year-old ryan sheppaad f freder
air -- push through, we open up nice air out of northwest. 67 in york, p.a. holding 71 in baltimore and 75and muggy in ocean sety. for us, we go to 80 by lunchtime. we drop the humidity and pick up a little breeze and a nice day and a good looking day. we will aim for 859 two degree guarantee. and more on the holiday weekend heat coming up in a moment. here tonya with traffic. >> reporter: 895 southbound before marave yeah a accident -- mow rave yeah an accident reported. let's see what it looks like. this is 695 at wilkins avenue on southwest side. not too bad here. we have volume in both directions. no make incidents to report. 59 northbound before little gun powder falls a report of a car fire that's over on the shoulder right now. and you don't have to worry about that. 6959 inner loof -- 695, the inner loop, a car filed. jfx before coldspring the accident just cleared. >>>6:32 today we learn how our students performed and the maryland school assessment tests. results will be posted at -- online at noon. they comes after we told you about cheating scandal. >> reporter: there's
to know who is responsible for vandalizing speed cameras in baltimore county. sherrie johnson joins us to explain more. >> reporter: some folks are frustrated over speed cameras and are taking their anger out on the devices. two of the speed cameras have been vandal identities including the busiest camera in the county. a camera on greenside drive in cockeysville captured more speeders than any other. and more than 6,000 at last count. someone broke the covers surrounding the camera lens cracking it and another camera on north point avenue had the lens cover spray painted. police say both cameras were fixed within a day and although many people are critical of the cameras, police say it helped to alter driving behavior. both police and drivers say cameras in the county and other jurisdictionss have slowed things down. [ no audio ] >> reporter: anyone with information about the vandalism in cockeysville or on north point road, call baltimore county police at 410-307-2020. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks. >>> 6:32 right now. people are upset in frederick over speed cameras, too. ac
. david collins joins us live from north west baltimore. >> the announcement drew a huge crowd and a very large contingent of a popularly elected officials. gov. martin o'malley said he is proud to endorse "this strong woman to move forward it." senator barbara mikulski recognized the mayor calls the effort in the tough budget making decisions. ben cardin said baltimore's future depends on her being elected. the lieutenant governor said that the future of maryland is intertwined with the future of baltimore. here is what the candidate herself had to say. >> i am proud to officially announce my candidacy for them -- for mayor of the great city of baltimore. [applause] >> we are here together because we know what we want for baltimore. better schools and safer streets for families, and stronger neighborhoods to encourage new investment and job growth. uygurs year together because we want real progress, not empty prague -- promises. >> the empty promises, and comes in reference to some of her opponent's campaign promises they have been climbing. stephanie rawlings-blake is not a confirmed pa
tonight for the baltimore city fire recruits whose body was found in the liberty reservoir. rodney goggins will be given full active duty honors. the viewing is tonight in randallstown. the funeral will be tomorrow morning at 11:00 at the new antioch baptist church. he leaves behind a young daughter, his mother, father, and two brothers. >> and annapolis families mourning the loss of their daughter who died in a tragic sailboat accident. olivia constants died in the river yesterday afternoon. lowell melser is live with more details. >> dnr police are calling this a freak accident. they say despite a number of safety precautions in place, 14- year-old olivia somehow got pinned underneath the sailboat when it capsized on the river behind me. she drowned. sources tell 11 news that 14- year-old olivia constants came from a family of sailors and learned the craft at a young age. thursday afternoon, she and another female member of the severn sailing association were sailing near the mouth of the river near the naval academy when the cell boat capsized and pinned her underneath. >> the harness s
complain the police budget is so big, it crowds out everything else. >> since 2000, taxpayers in baltimore have spent $4 billion on policing. the city ranks high on the most dangerous city its list. critics increasingly complain about the cost to other efforts. >> in east baltimore, the committee would love to see the the end of open by the week. they must wait until july 9. >> he was counting on the pool for the kids i think france's economy. >> on july 9, our first session will be over. they do not have so many opportunities. that is very unfortunate. >> they have tried without success to convince city hall to divert some of the money the city spends on policing to programs and activities for you. >> it seems as if the police get a blank check. to do their work. programs that are trying to make their jobs a little easier by occupying use -- youth have to struggle and fight to get those resources. >> they are fighting a political culture and the city. -- in the city. it has but baltimore ahead of just about anybody else. the police department gets $356 million. that is a 35% increase sinc
>> a woman out for a jog is nearly abducted in crofton. >>> a baltimore city police officer is in critical condition after a scary crash on the jfx. she fell nearly 20 feet on the overpass. >> enormous. >> anxious fans are counting downxd the hours until u2's concert hits m&t bank stadium. >>> all new tonight at 6:00, i'm in for jamie costello. an early evening is a niece time to go for a jog. don harrison explains. >> reporter: shortly after 7 last night a 29-year-old woman was jogging alongÑi the 2100 blk of priest bridge drive in crofton. the jogger noticed the man behind her. he approached her and asked for directions. at the same time an holder man driving an older chefly pulled up and also asked for directions.e1 @&c frightening. >> at a certain point it appears she was grabbed, touched inappropriately. >> reporter: the man on into the ran towards the bowling alley. the man in the car drove away on priest bridge drive. the woman reacted exactly the way police say to. >> if anyone gets into a situation where someone puts their hands on you, yell and fight. that alerted
are here in baltimore for the u-s conference of mayors. yesterday, they got a history lesson of sorts from baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. meantime, there was a rally outside the protestors wanted their voices heard. here's 11 news reporter kim dacey with our big story. governor martin o'malley: there's no more hopeful coin in the realm than a freshly minted in new orleans, the three-day in new orleans, the three-day conference of republican leaders concluded saturday with a straw poll for the presidential candidates. texas congressman ron paul won the poll during the final day of the conference. former utah governor jon huntsman came in second. congresswoman michelle bachmann of minnesota came in third. [b9]bachmann event-bachmann vo and bachmann told conservative bloggers at a conference in minneapolis that president obama has what she called... a dirty little secret. the presidential hopeful claims the president wants to eventually remove seniors from medicare, and roll them into coverage under his new health care law -- something she says she'll reverse if ele
. >> reporter: the state contends the maryland law sponsored by baltimore democrat sandy rosenberg makes this kind of call illegal. >> i was aware of this election night. i mean, somebody called me alt 5:00 to say, i've gotten this call. and immediately, i thought of this provision in the law. >> reporter: and an attorney for paul suric says this is a mistake. >> i can say there is no intention to suppress or deter the african american vote. >> reporter: schurick doctrine. attorney peter zidenberg said the campaign rejected that idea early on and never acted on it. >> we wanted all the facts to come out. mr.schurick has been cooperating with the prosecutor. and we think at the end of the day, when all the facts come out, it will be clear they had no conspiracy, any agreement, or any intent to suppress african american vote. >> you put these in law from deterring tactics. the preferred outcome is people don't do these dirty tricks. >>> wjz's repeated calls to julius henson's attorney have not been answered as of yet. back to you. >> all right. thank you, pat. these are criminal charges an
3 todaa is thursday june 9th. 3 - schools clossng eealy-- baltimore countyycclsing 2 hhurs early .. no afternoon pre-k- graduution ceremmoiee will conntnue as scheduled. scceduled.- baltimoreecity... half day schhduue &3 to findd the latess on school clossngs... just sign up for juss gooto fox-ballimore dot pcom... anndcclck on "text screenn - 3 - team overrge of tte heat heat-joel d smith live in putterviileetimonium- steve in -3 the skkwatth eathee eeter 3 3 3 map fiber map 3 pow iss ánotá the timm to have air condiiioning problems... but that's exxctll what one 3& nowwlisa mc- cullough lives at the "garden view apartments" -3 in randallstown.her aii has been out orr than tww weees 3despite repeatedd all to panagement. 3&piis a consumer issuu its a heaa is deadlyy-3 and ttey referred us o their corporate office..e had tt leave a mmssage. 3 ccossnn aaguments coull be hhard today ii the mmrder ttial ffááthisáá baltimmre thiss ideo of officee gghiji tshhma llaving oort...after live from the courthouse ddwnnown with more on wh
>>> this is wjztv, wjdh d and baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties, to your neighborhood, now, it's complete coverage. it's wjz maryland's news station. >>> new trial, two men found get every the gruesome murders of three young children could be let out of jail. >>> tonight why the convictions were overturned and the possibility of a third trial. >>> hello, i am denise koch. >> i am vic carter. here's what people are talking about. >> a case that rocked the baltimore region. three young children broughtally murdered. two family members accused and convicted of the crime. but now that conviction is being overturned. wjz is live outside courthouse east. weija jiang explains why it could be brought to trial again. >> reporter: in this ruling, the court of appeals says the judge who oversaw the trial withheld critical information that may have shaped the verdict and they could have a new trial. they are serving life sentences for the vicious murders of three young relatives. in may 20048-year-old lucero her brother 9-year-old ricardo and their 10-year-old cousin
district station. the number is on the screen. >>> baltimore city police are searching for this man, robbed several businesses across the city. police say he waits for businesses to let out, goes inside and takes money from the register. anyone who sees him should call 911. >>> the baltimore city detention center, an accusation of assaulting a correctional officer. council is made available for them. no details about the assault have been released. >>> investigators are still trying to figure out what happened to a man found floating in the chesapeake bay. the body was spotted by boaters yesterday morning south of the bay bridge. it's unclear how long the body was in the water. the man hasn't yet been identified. >>> an autopsy performed tonight on the body of a baltimore city fire recruit. rodney goddard disappeared memorial day weekend. his body was discovered yesterday afternoon on the liberty reservoir bridge. the sheriffs office and baltimore county police are working to figure out what happened to goddard. the fire department describes him as a true leader and exceptional student. int
that could reach the baltimore beltway close to the 7 clon:00 hour -- 7:00 hour. >> reporter: not a bad drive time yet. even with the wet weather out there. we are doing okay. no major incidents on the highways. let's look at the beltway on the southwest side. 695 at wilkins outer loop heavier to the left of the screen. no problems on the inner loop to the right 6 your -- right of your screen. dealing with construction 395 northbound all your lanes are oa. construction has been picked up. 295 northbound at nursery, the left lane was closed overnight and should be wrapped up by now. hopefully if they are on time. megan. >> thanks. >>> it's minute after five this morning. christopher cummings was shot to death in his off campus apartment in virginia. his family this morning is looking for answers about the murder of the old dominion university scene. >> this is christopher's room. >> 20-year-old christopher cummings died in his room and his mother came in looking for answers that are not there. >> as his mother i can't tell you what i am going through. it's just been a nightmare. >> rose' broth
>>> now "good morning maryland." >>> a baltimore camp is tackling bullying what they will say to the area's young girls. >>> he's predator in every sen of the word and took -- sense of the word and took advantage of the community he is from. >> a mob boss finally brought to justice and very popular items now being recalled this morning. we have got the list for you coming up on this thursday, june 23rd good morning. i am charley crowson. megan is off today. still recovering from the u2 concert. if you want last night, and getting a late start on a thursday, thanks for joining. hope you had a great time last night. let's get to a check of your morning weather on this thursday with meteorologist justin berk. >> and look what i found. we missed it by 12 hours. it's good thing. look at. this 6:30 maryland's most powerful doppler radar. shower downtown south side of the beltway. it looks like it is a little heavier once you get south of the inner harbor and once you head south maybe from federal hill off towards brooklyn park. looks like a little cluster, a little heavy burst of ra
policarpio espinozz and addn --3 canela ,are entitled to a third triallbecause a - baltimore judge failed to show jury otes to thhir defenne attorneys. they were pago foo the nnar-decapitation of ttree chillren in nnrthwest baltiiore. prosecutors must now deciie wheeher to re-try them....or deport them.... both are illegal immigrants. their attornies & say thhir lients deserve phot at freedom. 3& "we didn't know the minn set of the jury. that was the ppople e were arguiig this their minds were at, what -3 things they were concerned about, what things they didn't care bout.." about.." "we just sat in shock - thaa ny judge anywhere would incredible." 3 evennthough their convictions were overturned, theemen will emaii locked-up because they're still classifed as primeesuspects in phe case. 3 3 city police are searrhing for two gunmen in two separate shootings in baltimore. -3 baltimore. the first happened just after midnight on assburton ssreet ear eemondsonn venue in west & baltimore. officers fo
... tonight at randallstown..a funeral will be held at new antioch baptist &pchurch n baltimore tomorrow - at eleven. 3&p prrsident bamm makes a stop in pittsbuugh, pennsyyvaana todaa. todaa..heepresiddnt is announningga 500 mmllioo dollar projeet to help &pkickstart the high technology 3 project coull lead to lightee cars and smarter robots.obamaa - sayy several of those jobs went's ii effort to promote job reation in this economic slump. 33 republican presidential -3 caadidate newttgingrich stops &ppy marrland thurrday night... to speak at a ggo-p fuudraiser. pundraiser.the former house ppeaker promissd to ummstart the economy.but many of his othee ccmments were aimed t 3 remark that the tide of waa ii receding....was dishonest and danggrous.but a group of pational and local media cornered the ormer speaker... wanting to know why so many of his staff have walked away. 3 "ronald reegan had 13 resign, -3 a couple weeks 3 later ill asey fired 100 staffers, john mccaii in 2007 campaign" gingrich says if he's lected... he will turn
towards baltimore. 49 there we go. finding some 40s and i knew it would happen especially on the north and west side and we will check out the neighborhood temperatures in a bit. what gorgeous morning to open up the windows and breath in the fresh air and take an extra longjog or walk the dog. trying to figure out anything you might do to get outside and stroll the neighborhood before getting on your daily routine. it's fine statewide and the sun is coming up in a few minutes. it will be another high uv index day. tough get that in june. we will see clouds arriving into the afternoon looking for a pleasant day. a little milder than yesterday as we aim for the guaranteed high of 80. more warming trend and storms coming up in a bit. right now tonya has a check on the traffic. >> good -- >> reporter: good morning. transit is on time for bus and rail. some of the buses through downtown may experience minor delays due to construction. 43 at 40, we are doing fine on northeast side. know problems to report here. a few things 50 westbound at the bay bridge. we have an object on the road. and h
here in baltimore. >> reporter: the neighborhood where christopher was killed has been plagued by robberies. cummings says someone knows something about this murder. >> somebody knows what happened here. a lot of people know. and we hopefully will get some tips and we'll be able to resolve this case. >> reporter: christopher cummings father james spoke to the media today. >> it's not because of my son, because my son is gone. his blood is on these carpets. but it's for the families and the other students who live here. >> reporter: the school has already beefed up security in and around the campus. and cummings tells wjz that he hopes that the students will also set up a committee in regard to the violence. >> congressman cummings is asking anyone to information to call the crime line. >>> a fire breaks up an afternoon porch conversation leaving one person dead and five others injured. mary is in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: police have identified the only person killed in that hail of gunfire. 55-year-old charles michael assad was killed last thursday. five othe
>> coming up next on eyewitness news. >> good morning everyone a 15- year-old in baltimore is shot and killed and police say the person responsible is younger than him. i'm weija jiang with disturbing details up next. >>> behind bars why a mta driver is facing a bizarre incident. >>> floodings in minot, north dakota finally hit their peak today. >>> taking a live look outside, another beautiful start to the morning. the humidity will stay away in your first warning weather forecast. >>> i'm sharon, live along key highway for the baltimore women 5k classic. it begins in just seconds and so does eyewitness news. >> good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday i'm gigi barnett. >> the sun is up and good morning, how you doing? all of you are doing well. the sun is out and we lost that heat and high humidity. take a look outside you can see the sun is out a little haze over the city. take a look at temperatures outside, very comfortable. 65 in baltimore, 71 in d.c., notice dew points are way down. now as we throughout the afternoon, we're warming up to about the mid- 80s. th
because they are the future. >> across baltimore, protests of a city budget that makes cuts to court -- to parks an recreation and a program to pay for jobs and internships for city teenagers. they try to get house members to vote that -- vote no on the budget and shift the focus to safety. >> crime control, swat teams, cameras do not create opportunity and safety. gainful employment, that is what produces public safety. >> they are trying to cut down on the spare time that kids have when school is out. but one councilman told us she is on the fence on how she votes. >> i have had people in my district who were killed in gunfire. i need more activity for those children. >> one councilman said he voted yes on the increased budget, but not increase taxes. >> we will stay in the budget this afternoon. we will be able to continue on the core services for the city of baltimore, so we have done a good job. >> a last-minute amendment will take the $8 million increase away from public safety and put youth public safety. it was easily defeated. we are moments away from the final vote
a test drive this fall. seven maryland's school districts will give it a try -- baltimore city, baltimore county, as well as charles, kent, prince george's, queen anne's and st. mary's counties. they will test it out before it becomes policy in 2013. >> we have made an initial attempt. it will be refined through the pilot systems and rolled out in the fall to the entire state. this is the initial effort in terms of teachers and principals. >> one congressman who honored dr. grasmick at her final school board meeting weighed in. >> maryland always seems to find a way to get out in front and set high standards. that will be the case with this year's evaluation system. >> and maryland students who have a lot at stake are anxious to see the results of the evaluations. trex i think that students will have it -- >> i think the students will have a more effective classroom. >> dr. nancy grasmick and her 20-year career as state school superintendent next week. >> a baltimore city police officer is in critical condition, injured in an accident on the j.f.x. officer rigby fell 20 feet off the j.f.x
on the streets every day. some here in baltimore. >> reporter: the neighborhood where comings has been killed has been plagued with robberyless. congressman comings says someone knows something in this neighborhood. >> a lot of people know, and we hopefully will get some tips and we'll be able to resolve this case. >> reporter: christopher comings father james spoke with the media today. >> it's not for my son, his blood is on these carpets. but it's for the families and the other students that live here. >> reporter: the university has already beefed up security significantly, but cummings says he hopes the students will also create their own security panel. >> congressman cummings is asking anyone with information about his nephew's murder to call 1-888-lock-uup. >>> and let's go to captain perry with more. >> big trouble for evening commuters. this is on oakley road in baltimore county a little after 4:00 this afternoon, a dump struck and sports utility vehicle collided causing the driver of the truck which overturned to be trapped for a brief period of time. also the driver of the other vehic
let's go live now for the late breaking details on the investigation. >> baltimore county police are calling this a very complicated case. alicia lee avery was to be a witness in an upcoming baltimore city trial. the memorial is small -- just a teddy bear, a candle, and a flower. >> i put all little t light and picture some flowers. i felt horrible after i saw the news. >> she's a neighbor trying to cope with the death of alicia lee avery, who was several months pregnant and her 4-year- old daughter. they had not been heard from for several days. police found the bodies inside the apartment in parks bill. >> it is pure evil. >> baltimore county police are investigating that possibility and others. they say the case is complicated. 11 news has learned she was relocated to be in by baltimore city police. she was a witness in an upcoming city trial. police had no idea she was at the location until there were asked to check on her. >> i have a strong feeling in my heart that something happened to my sister. >> she spent most of thursday with her sister but had not been able to get in
>>> the investigation no that deadly hit-and-run in baltimore and how those two teen girls are being remembered. >>> she is only 13a teenage rest in a baltimore hospital after a man's best friend came enemy number one. >>> baltimore toddler has all the right moves this morning. he is an internet sensation. we will show outvideo and tell you more. but first we will take you to iowa where engineers there fear a levee could breach. 10 feet of water could fluid hamburg. sandbagging efforts has been underway in an attempt to keep watter from bursting a levee at bay. 50 members are helping with the sandbagging process. army corps of engineers says they are twork add another three feet to top off the levee. it's a minute after 6 on this thursday, june 16th. thanks for joining on "good morning -- thanks for joining us on "good morning maryland. i am megan pringle. charley crowson is off. we will sen it over to meteorologist justin berk to see if things will change and how the weekend is shaping up. >> going downhill a little bit but not too bad. a big excitement from a lot of paren
this way. megan. >> thanks. >>> news time is 5:30. young people in baltimore city will have a safe place to go starting tonight. it is part of a summer curfew center. sherrie johnson is here with new reaction to the center and how the city's mayor says it is going to help. >> reporter: well, baltimore city is working to keep kids off the streets and out of trouble this summer. today, the city is reopening the overnight summer kerr few center for -- curfew center for the youth. it will open thursday, friday and saturday each week until august 27th. it opens at 11 p.m. on thursdays and midnight on other days. it close at 6 a.m. and children will be offered donated box meals while waiting for their parents to pick them up. this summer kerr few sunt -- curfew center is a collaboration and holds parents accountable and provides families were access to services. the mayor says the city has made some progress on cutting down on youth violence but there's more to be done. >> baltimore can be a safe city. we must do more. reducing youth violence requires a collaborative approach between law enfor
's body has been taken to the medical examiner's office here in baltimore where they will conduct an autopsy to try to figure out exactly how he died in the water in the reservoir. >> all right, derrick, thank you. >> police are asking anyone with information about the death to call them-399-8477. you can remain anonymous with any tips. >> a boater found partial human remains south of the bay britain. due to severe decomposition. investigators could not determine the victim's gender or race. there is an investigation. >> investigators trying to figure out how a man died at the owenss mills grocery center. police are waiting on autopsy results of this case. >> two people rescued from a burning home in baltimore. it happened in 2800 block of encomb circle. police had to pull a woman in a wheelchair out along with the man woe was still sleeping. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> national weather service said that seven states face extreme risk of wildfires. now, a growing controversy over how they are starting. >> the massive arizona wildfire that has been burning for
for the baltimore beltway. behind the warm and more humid. anything beyond that even in normal range will feel warm and humid. summer solstice at 1:16 and then we can officially call it summer. and you go into the u2 concert and there could be stormy weather. wait until you see the radar right now. maryland's most powerful doppler radar highlighting the rain. we got some in bel air. road wet but eastern section of harford county aberdeen heavier rain port deposit and havre de grace. darlington got it. let's pull this back and show you what it looks like. cecil county getting it within a 5 to 10 mile stretch north and south of the maryland house. it's really heavy rain coming down. we have been talking about rising sun continuing to get that. and that's passing towards elkton towards turkey point after getting wet north intersection of kent county will be getting it as well. further back towards the west, the next cluster just about to reach hagerstown. we have had lightning with this. see if it can survive the trip out of mountains. but timing this out puts it frederick and carroll county just abou
this morning)) 3 ((pause for nats)) nats)) the grand ppix comes to 3pbaltimore... in september. 3 five u-s servicemembers were killed today in iraq..he deaths are tte single largest in iraq ince 2009.the u-s military has not said how or where the five were killed...but raqi security forces say they were killedd duriig an early morning mortar attack.the attack comes ass iraq debates whether to request that u-s troops stay beyond january first...a deadline that requires &p46thousand american forcee out &pof the country. police in harford county are on the lookkut for two men... who stabbed a ffst-food pmmloyee... during an attempped robbery. robbeeyy it happened saturday night... at he k-f-c on puuaski highway in edgewood. police say three employees when the susppcts forced their automatic handgun and a knife. when one female worker tried to activate a secrettsecurity system... she wassstabbed in the shoulder.policeeare now reviewing surveillance video... for more clues on one to demand more cash. o moments 3 after being injured durrng a pitbull aatack. city's greektown community.the
that could land a former swim club owner behind bars. >> a car found from the pentagon has ties to baltimore. >> and what forced united airlines to shut down. "11 news saturday morning" starts right now. "11 news saturday morning" -- [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> first we would like to look outside with john collins. it was an interesting day yesterday. a lot of rain. >> i was not here. i was a little further north, but we got hit with rain. >> except, i saw lightning off in the western horizon. >> we're still confused. >> it is only 5:00 in the morning. there is rain out there. we haven't had rain in the city yet, but there is lightning out to the west, and thunder. we'll look at our live h.d. doppler radar. there it is. most of the thunder and lightning is near the district of columbia, not around baltimore. but the rain itself is just shower activity. leftovers of bigger storms that went out west yesterday. i'm going to circle the baltimore beltway just to get your barings straight. out in anne arundel and baltimore county we have thunder and lightning. that'
at 11:00 last night. a woman and her daughter found dead insight her baltimore county apartment. mike schuh live in towson. >> reporter: good morning. the mother and daughter hadn't been seen or heard from in a couple of days. police were called and they're the ones who entered the apartment. dects sphowntd 25-year-old woman and her daughter inside the apartment. the mother is identified as alicia avery and the daughter is darielle parker. police aren't saying how the two died. >> we are exspctsing foul play. >> reporter: a neighbor said this grizzling discover vie is jarring. >> for something to happen this close to me, it makes me wonder, how fast this hear is changing, and it's going to keep me on my p's and q's. >> reporter: the bodies have been take tonight medical examiner's office. back to you. >> police tell us the two had not been reported missing until yesterday afternoon. >>> the officer who was knocked off a sx of the jfx highway is out of the hospital. the officer fell to the pavement below. >>> olivia constance drowned when her safety harness got tangled in her capsized
was at the intersection of martin luther king jr. boulevard and west pratt street and west baltimore. the vigil begins at 8:00. >> a 13-year-old girl was beaten by up deadbolt. she tried -- was bitten by a pit bull. she tried to run, but the dog caught her. >> i do not know the specific factors that led for this child to be attacked by the dog or even where the dog came from, but the child apparently tried to get away and the dog had tapped her. >> the little girl was taken to sinai hospital. the dog is being held at barks. the candidates for baltimore mayor are said to square off tonight. the list of announced candidates to face the current mayor has grown steadily over the last couple of months, in tonight's forum is the second meeting in need past month -- second meeting in the past month. >> this forum is sponsored by the naacp, the urban league, and as of today five candidates have filed official paperwork for the mayoral race, but seven have made it clear they plan to run against the mayor. that includes the board of realtors president, the former city planning director, and can summon -- counci
that averted tempered >> e-mail and female were questioned by baltimore city police read it does not mean that charges will not eventually be filed. it is still hard to believe that their loved ones are gone. >> i hope they get the highest sentence that they can get. >> it is not fair. there is no way. >> baltimore city police are working with the state's attorney's office to figure out if charges should be filed. we understand they are looking at a number of video cameras at this intersection to come up with more evidence. no word on when those possible charges could be filed. we are live in west baltimore. >> this friday is the last day of school for baltimore city kids. summer vacation also means summer curfew. that means curfew is off -- is also active in baltimore. >> last year, over 1000 juvenile is came the curfew center year in baltimore city averaging 35 the night. the mayor announced the summer curfew will be in effect again this summer. at a curfew center at the success academy will also be opened. >> any child 17 or under that the police see out on the street will be brought t
that this is the individual involved in the verbal altercation with the victim. we believe it is. take a baltimore county police think a domestic dispute led to the murders -- >> baltimore county police think a domestic dispute led to the murders. investigators do not think the murders are connected to the upcoming court case. >> it is a tragedy. >> the police chief discuss the case wednesday to confirm there was no relation to the pending city case. >> i am a little dismayed that his taken on a tenor and tone that in first the safety or impeaches the safety of people we're working hard to protect across the city. >> i am really happy they found him. now my family, my sister can rest. she did west, as well as my niece. -- she can rest as well as my knees. >> he was arrested on tuesday on unrelated drug charges. he is at the baltimore city detention center. the warrant will be served on him once he has finished the drug case. >> thank you. the search is on tonight for the suspect to shot and killed a man and was baltimore. just before midnight, officers were called to the 500 block on moser street. he was
the street in west baltimore last night, when they were both hit by the car. wjz is live at city police headquarters. adam may has emotional reaction from their families and the latest on the investigation for us. >> mary, i just got off the phone with police just a few seconds ago. they have identified two possible suspects in this case. right now, they're simply waiting to finish up their accident reconstruction report. >> reporter: 17-year-old emerald smith and 16-year-old courtney angeles were best friends since kindergarten. monday night, they were run over by a hit-and-run driver, on martin luther king by pratt street. >> it wasn't like you hit a deer. you hit two kids. how can you not stop? >> she's an awesome sister. >> reporter: ermrald's family, left devastated by the accident. [ inaudible ] >> if i had a magic wand, i would bring them both back, wouldn't i? >> yes. >> yes,yes, i would. because no parent should go through what i'm going through now. >> reporter: soon after, police found a vehicle that looked to be involved in the accident. >> apparently there was fresh
the first amendment. >>> and governor blake announced today she is running for mayor of baltimore. >> we live in serious times, we face serious challenges but with your help i know that we can and will achieve the greatness that baltimore is designed for. >> reporter: she is considered the front runner for the democratic nomination and nearly every top maryland democrat is endorsing her. >> we need strong leaders, we need strong the women like stephanie blake. >> reporter: but there are many challengers, many of whom have experience at the city council. she took over after dixon left the position in disgrace. >> the day i took office i made a commitment to be honest and to be straightforward. no excuses, no blame games, no sugar coating. >> reporter: the deadline to file is july fifth so, the race could get crowded. >>> the race for the republican presidential nomination also got more crowded. michelle bachmann is now officially making a run for the white house. in a recent iowa poll she is tied with mitt romney as the gop front runner. >>> guilty, former illinois governor rod blagojevic
in the constitution? >>> we're going start right now with continuing coverage. baltimore county police say the woman found dead in a towson apartment was expected to testify in a criminal case in baltimore city. but county police say the city never informed them that the witness was relocated to the apartment complex. sharon connor has more. >> reporter: that's right. police were called to the welcome inn apartments in the 8700 block of loch bend drive around 4:00 p.m. monday and found the bodies of the woman and young girl inside a unit. >> this little girl was just 4 years old and she was playing in my yard just the other day. >> reporter: the family remembers the last time she was running around with her cousins. the 4 -year-old visited her in his north baltimore home every weekend but now her big personality is gone. >> she wants to talk and she wants to play and she wants to do everything, touch everything, see everything. the victims have been identified as alicia avery, 25, and her four-year-old daughter dariel parker. the bodies have been taken to the office of the medical examiner in baltim
in tragedy. tonight, residents pack the west baltimore corner to remember two best friends who died together, killed by a hit and run driver. friends and family returned to the scene where the girls lives were tragically snatched away. a lot of tears fell on pratt street as dozens gathered to remember the victims and demand answers. >> i lost my friend because of a car accident. >> friends and family can barely contain some cells. >> courtney and emerald were beautiful girls. >> there were walking late monday night when they were killed. tonight, flanked by dozens of friends, two careful moms demanded answers. >> this person left my baby in the street to die like a dog. police have questioned the suspected driver. so far, no suspect has been named and no charges filed. >> the mayor should do something for our babies. they need to make sure justice is served. >> while these families wait, one grieving mother offered this advice. >> do not let your children go on loved. tell them that you love them every single day. >> detectives interviewed a man and woman in a car that officials stopped. we'
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